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How to become the best chef in the world with Chef Academy?

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you love spending time in the kitchen and cooking for others? Then, look no further because our courses will give you the skills and the training to kick start your career. Furthermore, our diploma issued by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges) will open doors to restaurants you would normally not have access to for training and job vacancies.

One point we need to clarify that a chef’s job is not as glamourized, as portraited on the television. In fact, a chef works very hard, long works and in simple words ‘his work, is his home’ but it is a rewarding job.

You also, need to bear that knowing how to cook is not enough, you need to be passionate and dedicated in order pursue this as a career. In order to pursue a career, technical skills must be acquired, in dept knowledge of raw materials, able to deal with and handle stress, love and respect raw materials and kitchen tools, happy to roll up your sleeves, reliable, determined to succeed, happy to listen to senior colleagues with the aim to learn and eager to discover.

The other thing that will help, the wiliness to purchase cook books or watch various media platform related to chefs in order to experiment in your own time and space at home. These programmes may increase your awareness of raw materials and also, the different techniques used by various chefs.

One of the best ways to gain experience is to work in a professional kitchen, in order to understand the importance of your role in the kitchen. You will understand, how much you are required to sacrifice and why you need to work as a team member. In order to achieve in this role, you will need to set goals and aim to achieve them, never be satisfied with the skills acquired but willing to learn and be prepared to receive criticism, especially at the beginning as this period will either make or break you and for sure decide whether this is really for you.

The roles in a kitchen setting

A professional kitchen may have an Executive Chef, Head Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie, Commis Chef, Kitchen Porter and Dishwasher. They each have a role to play in a professional kitchen but they work together in order to achieve their daily task of preparation, plating, serving, cooking or cleaning. Having said that the Executive Chef or Head Chef is in charge of the kitchen.

A chef must have full knowledge of the menu within the professional kitchen and able to create all the dishes unless you are allocated within one section during the shift or the employment but majority of kitchens will expect you to be able to run each section.

How much does a chef earn?

To begin with the salary may be lower than expected but a chef position is one of the most sought-after roles, hence the salary will increase with experience, location and restaurant employed by. The media may have played a part in the increase of this industry as new restaurants keep opening up and in turn new chefs cropping up. These days a restaurant or its food, if it’s worth taking about on the media platform, then the chef working within that restaurant is already considered an icon.

The demand of increase maybe also contributed by the constant turnover due to growth and the search for the next Gordon Ramsay.

To begin with a chef’s salary may vary in the region of £2,000-£4,000 a month depending on experience and training. The figures are different for chefs who are considered in the icon category, they are earning astronomical amount.

The best academy recommends the following courses:

Chef Academy London makes it possible for you to acquire a job within a professional kitchen after completing a 3- or 6-month courses. Depending on the course you choose to do, the diploma issued will be either for a Professional Chef Course or Advanced Chef Course. You will obtain this diploma once you have completed your classroom training, restaurant training and passed your test.

Having said that you will need to bear that the first role within the kitchen may be a junior position, however with time, knowledge and skills you may be able to obtain your dream role but it is a long journey.

Chef Academy London can schedule your restaurant training according to your day to day life. We understand some people may have time restrictions, financial obligations, family commitments or due to age unable to commit full time so we give you the ‘right to choose’.

Chef Academy London runs various courses, browse the link below. The Professional Chef Course, you are fully trained in a professional kitchen. The Advanced Chef Course, you are fully trained in a professional and Michelin kitchen.

Our course programmes are available online and you can also request a copy via email.

We are happy to recommend courses according to your needs, your desire and career prospects.

If you want to become the best chef in UK, contact us, we will be ready to answer all your questions

Hospitality courses in London

The hospitality turns out to be a basic factor in the satisfaction of the tourist customer, in short, it is to do business serving the best possible to your guest.

The term hospitality comes from the Romans deriving from the Latin "hopitium" and defining itself as the virtue that is exercised by giving due assistance to the needs or the good reception and reception that is made to foreigners or visitors.

The hospitality process begins from the decision to make a trip until the tourist returns to their habitual residence, in this process a series of entities are involved that will provide the visitor with all the necessary services to make their stay an experience unforgettable.

People have always traveled for different reasons; for commerce, religion, family issues, immigration, education ... so he has needed to stay in other parts of the world. The first hotels were private houses open to the public, in fact some were sold with a bad reputation without any hint of hospitality, today it is not known with certainty what was the first place to offer hospitality as a form of service.

Nowadays, the tendency to provide experiences to consumers is growing , mainly in the services sector, and therefore in the hotel sector. The fact that customers seek new experiences has prompted hotels to create new concepts of services and new products, highlighting the stimuli that these products can produce in their consumption.

Features that show hospitality within a Hotel Project

Making a client feel good is not only the responsibility of a person, but of a whole team. Therefore, aspects related to good treatment, courtesy and respect must be taken into account since the messages are addressed to human beings, so this will raise our reputation and increase the flow of customers. There are words that reflect hospitality at any stage of the tourism process, some of them are:

Kindness: Look into the eyes of our client, welcome words and have details in a timely manner.

Friendship: We must consider the client as a friend whom we value, respect and give the best of ourselves.

Personalized and individualized attention: Each client requires different needs, so we must always be there to offer help, and provide it with professionalism and kindness.

Efficiency and efficiency: Availability and speed to solve problems.

Loyalty and familiarity: Being faithful to customers as they place trust in us, making them feel at home.

Patience: Solve customer doubts without overwhelming and maintaining patience.

Professionalism: Training, attitude and know-how before clients.

Gratitude: Thank you for choosing us, and be grateful before, during and after your stay.

Security: Inspire security from the first moment to our clients, tranquility and trust.

Receptivity: Always a good disposition for customer requests or suggestions.

Sympathy: Express words that reflect an affectionate and respectful attitude, along with cordiality using a jovial tone that makes communication easier.

Therefore, in order to be able to talk about a good hotel project, it is necessary to talk about hospitality in a broad sense, with the intention of guaranteeing and ensuring that guests experience a satisfactory feeling during their stay, thus increasing the accommodation offer of people of various origins, regardless of their social status. Not only is it enough to offer the basic needs, but it is also good to customize the service in a way that marks them forever and serves as an incentive to return on another occasion.

We start from the basis that hospitality applies to both customers and employees, thus creating a motivation to remain faithful to the work and the hotel's own reputation. The prosperity and success of a hotel project depends on individual goodwill, positive influence within the team, its ethics, and tolerance for all people.

In short, hospitality speaks more than the structure and popularity of a hotel, so it is important to consider hospitality in an integral way and beyond pure accommodation, where you can offer maximum attention to customers in duty as host s.

If you want to become a director of a hotel, you can choose our Hospitality Management and Advanced Food Science course, that is a course of 600 hours aiming to give to the students all the skills and knowledge required to successfully and efficiently manage a kitchen.

Would you like to book an hospitality course? Contact us, we will be ready to answer all your questions

Hospitality Management and Advanced Food Science Course

What is the Hospitality Management and Advanced Food Science Course course about?

We feel sometimes it’s the simple words that explain things better so here goes our informal approach of breaking down the title and explaining each aspect.


The term hospitality means “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guest, visitors or strangers”.

The hospitality process in a restaurant begins from the moment you walk through the door as this is a cooking course, we will elaborate on that aspect. The hospitality provided by the chefs may not be visible but what they produce is.

The aim of hospitality in this instance is to provide food that is exceptional, food that you never forget the experience and, as a result, you return.


The term management means “the process of dealing with or controlling things or people”.

A restaurant is managed from all aspects whether its front of house (restaurant floor) or back of house (kitchen).

In this course, we will cover the back of house (kitchen) because chefs have a responsibility of managing costs within the kitchen. We will only cover the food costs.

Advanced Food Science

The term advanced food science, also known as molecular gastronomy means “an approach to cooking in which a chef’s knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology allows him or her to experiment with unusual flavour combinations and cooking techniques”. In other words, you learn to use scientific equipment or techniques to create extraordinary dishes.
We are different to other schools in the sense that we don’t offer classroom style teaching, we believe and it has been proven that live training in a kitchen is the best way to learn, thus this course is spilt in three aspects:

School training

You will receive 2 weeks fine dining training and also, 2 weeks Michelin training.

We are the best cooking academy in London so the training you will receive in the school will prepare you to enter a restaurant kitchen.

Live training

The first training will be conducted in a fine dining restaurant which will be allocated according to your location/preference of cuisine but subject to availability of restaurant. In a fine dining restaurant, you will need to complete 200 hours which can be spread over 6-8 weeks depending on your commitments.

The second training will be conducted in a Michelin restaurant which will be allocated according to your location/preference of cuisine but subject to availability of restaurant. In a Michelin restaurant, you will need to complete 200 hours which can be spread over 6-8 weeks depending on your commitments.

Whilst training in the restaurant you will get the opportunity to work in some of the best restaurants London city has to offer.

Most importantly you get the opportunity work along with some of the best chefs.

“As I’ve always said, cooking is a philosophy it’s not a recipe – unless it’s a pastry and then it’s chemistry – so therefore it’s not just teaching them how to cook, it’s sharing philosophy and your vision with them. It’s as simple as that. A good chef is a pied piper, they follow him”. Quote by Marco Pierre White

Management training

This training is carried out in the best culinary academy school and covering food costings.

In simple words, the best culinary academy in London aims to teach and give you the skills to create gastronomical food, manage the costs in the kitchen and also, learn how modern cooking apply advanced scientific techniques to food preparation.

What you learn from this course, that the chef is not just responsible for creating beautiful food but also, managing his or her kitchen. This course is for anyone think of running his or her own business, working towards a senior position in the kitchen, or already in a business but it’s not doing so well and want to improve things or you have never done this before and want to learn all aspects.

How to choose the best cooking academy for you?

Do you want to become a chef? But confused how to go about it or what to do.

Well help is here, we will guide you step by step, what to look out for and what to avoid.

Most cooking academies are privately funded so you need to consider affordability, the fees are in the thousands but due to number of academies you can find one to suit your budget.

Then you need to consider location, within UK or outside. If English is not your first language then you many need to consider a gastronomic course in a different language or region.

When choosing the course, consider what cuisine do you want to work with? Will the course, get you into the restaurant you want to work in? If you are planning to work in an Italian restaurant, then you should consider to do a course related to Italian food. Having said that, if you don’t have any skills whatsoever then you may need to consider do a course that will give you skills such as a Professional Chef Course. To do this course you can enquire at Chef Academy London. 

Please check the content of the program because some classes are classroom based, practical or both combined. Classroom based classes have limitations as you could spend long periods listening or writing and, as a result occasionally repeating context. Practical class benefits all as the teacher is interacting with each student, you learn how to cook and one way to explore the raw material.

Please do not sign up on the course without booking an appointment with the academy team. In this meeting you can ask any questions, clarify the content of the course, and book a visit to the cooking academy.

Are you searching for the best cooking academy?

Why is it important to book a visit to the cooking academy?

  • To make sure you have chosen the right academy.
  • To make sure the cooking academy looks like what it has been described in the brochure or the website.
  • See the kitchen layout.
  • The content described in the course booklet is setup and available in the classroom.
  • Some academies have a single cooking area which is reserved for the teacher and this in turn means you are a spectator student and the knowledge you receive is only demonstrative, is this the case? These kinds of classes are similar to those that are setup on a television program.
  • The area allocated for each student; do you have sufficient space? If you are sharing, do you have space to move around without bumping into each other?
  • Health and Safety.

Whilst researching, you may also consider to look up the academy online. The internet is inundated with all kinds of information about academies whether reviews, pictures, new offers etc on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The information available is useful as these days the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ are available for all to read and then decide. But we would say, read but don’t make any judgements until you have seen it for yourselves as bad news travels fast.

We feel you should be ready to book that course but if you are still ensure, then why not get in touch with our team at Chef Academy London via email 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。 or why not visit us

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Beginners guide to best cooking courses

These days anything related to gastronomy has become omnipresent because there isn’t a television network without its own version of a cookery programme. These programmes range from amateurs up to professional level and the aim of these programmes is to promote gastronomy and at the same time to produce the next Gordon Ramsay.

The advantage of these programmes that the industry that was once a hidden secret is open to all. However, now everybody thinks they can cook and perhaps that’s why they say ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’.

This in turn has meant that they are many cooking schools opening up and the internet inundated with cookery programmes, courses, famous chefs and food pictures along with recipes.

Each cooking school offers various lengths of courses whether its couple of hours up to yearly courses depending on the demand. Depending on the school your training might be carried out in classroom, restaurant or shop. Furthermore, if you have purchased a course overseas then you get to explore the culture and food of that region.

With so much choice sometimes, it can be overwhelming but we feel that you should choose our school for the following reasons:

Why choose Chef Academy London?

Chef Academy London was founded in Italy, we are a prestigious school and internationally recognised. Also, our school is internationally recognised by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges).

When it comes to choosing a course if you are looking for a Michelin star level training, we are the only school offering. Our courses range from professional up to Michelin level.

You have the option from day courses up to six months depending on what you aim to get out of it whether it’s a career or desire to whisk gourmet meals at home.

We run courses throughout the year which means you can join us when it suits you. Furthermore, we schedule your live training according to your day to day life because ‘we believe you don’t need to change your lifestyle just because you are learning’.

Chef Academy London is a great place for learning because our students tell us they enjoy the warmth and friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, our students return and also, recommend us.

Chef Academy London students learn the art of cooking at a professional level in order to gain experience in this field. We offer bespoke and practical courses; these courses teach you the cooking techniques and also at the same time you get to experience the life of a chef in a restaurant.

Chef Academy students in their live training are given the opportunity to train alongside some of the best chefs London city has to offer whether it’s fine dining or Michelin level.

As these courses are classroom and restaurant based, once you complete your training you will have the practical and theoretical skills to kick start a career in this industry.

We believe we are one of the best cooking school around, whether it comes to training, flexibility and our competitive rates.

Chef Academy offers the best cooking courses, see the list below:

Also, please don’t forget to visit us on

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