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Attendance and Punctuality Policy


Levels of attendance have a direct impact on the success of our students. Students are more likely to complete the course and achieve their qualification if they attend classes regularly.

Delays and absences not only have a negative impact on the results of the students, but also on the progress of the rest of the class.


Main Principles

The expectation of attendance is 100%. Students will be informed if their level of attendance is not satisfactory, and the staff at Chef Academy will ensure that students comply with the standards of the school.

The follow-up process will be monitored through regular reviews and attendance reports.
Any absence must be justified. Chef Academy will review all absences, justified or unjustified, within 24 hours. Disciplinary action will be taken in cases where attendance levels fall below the standard.

Disciplinary Measures

Even in cases where absence has been authorised, it may still be necessary to talk directly to the student.

There are 3 stages to the monitoring of attendance and punctuality:


Stage 1 - Formal Warning

The formal warning will be issued when the school staff notices initial concerns regarding the attendance and/or punctuality of a student. When a student receives 3 formal warnings, the process will move on to phase 2.


Stage 2 - Formal Attendance and punctuality Review Meeting with the chef trainer or coordinator (plus disciplinary warning, if appropriate


  • Less than 85% attendance,
  • 2 absences in the same week
  • 5 or more absences in any 4 week period
  • Frequent absences due to illness.


  • Late twice in a week,
  • Late more than 5 times in any 4 week period,
  • Repeated lateness (eg every Monday, Key Skills lessons),

Stage 3 - Formal Hearing with the Director of the School


  • Continued attendance rate below 85%,
  • Persistent lateness,
  • Lack ofimprovement since formal warning(s) was/were issued.

The disciplinary hearing for poor attendance or poor punctuality may lead to a final warning or expulsion


Authorised Absence

  • Sickness supported by a medical certificate
  • Medical appointments
  • Court appearances
  • Job interviews
  • Appointments with government or voluntary organisations
  • Funerals
  • Religious holidays
  • Driving Tests
  • Visits or events related to the academic programme or internships

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