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Why choose Chef Academy?

Food is a passion for millions across the world. Many of them aspire to become chefs. But a chef’s life is not easy. It requires long hours on your feet slaving behind a stove. It also requires years of rigorous training and dedication.

If you wish to become a chef you can either start as a kitchen assistant at the bottom of the ladder washing dishes, peeling potatoes and onions or you could enrol into a comprehensive course and spend a few years learning everything about the trade or you could take a short intensive course that is tailored to train professionals in the culinary art in a highly practical manner in a professional environment.

Chef Academy of London offers some of the best intensive courses for short durations.

Our effective basic training course enables students to start work immediately on completion and continue training on the job. The certifications and knowledge gained by the student prepare them for the tough reality of an actual work environment.

Chef Academy of London was founded in 2007. Since then we have been dedicated to the training of those interested in the culinary profession; head chefs, pastry chefs, restaurant managers and quality suppliers. The courses offered by Chef Academy of London are normally of 300 plus hours or more. Students have to be above the age of 18 years and have to be able to define their own skills and choose a suitable course. On completion they are awarded a certificate at the discretion of the chef trainer.

After the initial training at the institute’s development kitchen the students are deputed to the kitchens of our partner restaurants. They spend 200/250 hours in the professional kitchen and their role is that of a demi chef de partie. They have to work as a part of the kitchen team and work in any station that may be required be it mise en place, food preparation or service assistance. Their tasks will be determined by the chef tutor depending on their skills and they may be moved from section to section as per the training required by them.  The exposure to a live, professional kitchen is an integral part of the training imparted by Chef Academy of London.

This hands-on professional training requires the students to follow all the rules of the kitchen where they are deputed. They have to maintain time and regular attendance and inform both their chef tutor and the Chef Academy of London in case they need leave for a specific reason. Regular attendance is compulsory to qualify for a certificate from the academy. Although the training is practical, at the end of the course each student has to sit for a written assessment test. The assessment will be based on the skills and techniques learnt during training.

Our tried and tested courses have helped hundreds of people make a career in the culinary industry. There are many institutes that offer training to aspiring chefs, but

Chef Academy of London is one of the leaders in the field.


Chef Academy London

Chef Academy London was founded in 2007 and since then has led the way for professional training for head chefs, pastry chefs and restaurant managers. Book an appointment with one of our expert advisors for more information.

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