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Is molecular science the future cuisine of choice? We have noticed lately this new trend called “molecular gastronomy”. We can see unusual and surprising food shapes, which play with and confuse our brains. A new invention recently appeared fooling our intellect and putting in question our perception of what we are drinking.

We first saw the expression “molecular gastronomy” in 1988 with the physician Nicholas Kurtis and the French chemist Hervé This. The expression itself was strongly refused when it first appeared by some chefs who associated themselves with it preferred to call it “modern cuisine”, “culinary physics”, or “experimental cuisine”.

The molecular gastronomy is a food science sub discipline implicating physic and chemical reactions food in the cooking process. Food science has been developed with food production industrialization and has led to artistic and social consequences through technical methods. “The discipline of molecular gastronomy could change the way we eat” according to the chemist Hervé This. Indeed, it could be possible in the way that we take advantage of chemical reactions during the cooking process and play with the interpretation on our brain has on what we use to see in our plates! In fact, because of our alimentary habits, our digestive mechanism is disrupted by these innovations. This is what plays with this new invention “The Right Cup”. Thanks to the aromas incorporated in the material used for the cup fabrication, we feel like we are having a sweet drink while we are just drinking water. Our brain is fooled and our habits turned upside down. However, this is a good alternative for people who need lots of sweet and don't drink enough water.

Always in search of progress, this is also what we are developing at our culinary school here at Chef Academy of London. Synonym for future and progress, we offer an Advanced Food Science programme for anyone who aim to improve food production methods. Please have a look to our culinary courses and don't hesitate to contact us for any information.

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